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Neil Pengelly Artist


Neil Pengelly is a full-time mixed media artist based in Northamptonshire. With no formal training but a passion for artworks and making things, Neil has refined his artistic skills through hard work, determination and a natural eye for a good aesthetic. His creations have evolved from the contemporary chalk and charcoal figurative pieces to a more exciting and looser blaze of colours with varying subject matters. He found that that there are limitless possibilities with mixed media art that he would never be able to recreate with paintbrushes and pencils but likes to stay authentic to his art and so each original is resplendent with added touches of acrylic and oil paints, and bejewelled with diamond dust, micro glitters. Neil uses the influences of modern-day mixed media artists’ such as Dan Pearce and Mark Davies to create visually stunning, vibrant and engaging artworks and his works have become popular enough that he was asked by the renown publisher, Creative Fine Art, to allow them to represent him. His originals and prints will now be in galleries across the UK and are selling incredibly well. Neil is happily married and has two daughters and a son. He also runs his own picture framing studio so is kept busy all the time!

Would you like to own your own Neil Pengelly piece?

If you have an idea for an artwork that you’d like to see Neil produce OR you’d like to commission him to create your own portrait in his unique style, then get in touch here. All we need is a brief of what you would like to see and then Neil will contact you personally to discuss your vision.