Silver Shirt Framing Service

£120.00 inc. Vat

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Our most popular style of shirt framing. A quality ‘conservation level’ standard of frame and a design to make your shirt look good as well protecting the shirt inside.

As per the Bronze service, your shirt is stretched around a bespoke cut card and sewn around it to keep it tight and secure. The shirt is then sewn (using Microstitch technology) onto a plain colour back mount within a 40mm deep rebate frame. We then add a double mount, which sits at the ‘front’ of the frame, the colours of which you decide during a free consultation, although we naturally veer towards complimenting the team colours or the shirt. This gives the effect of the shirt ‘floating’ in the frame.
We will decorate the mount to give it a classical look, unless we are specified otherwise, however we will add an engraved plaque (brass or silver effect) and at least 4 photos (Design allowing)
We use a 99% ant UV glazing as standard, unless we are delivering to the customer via courier, when we then replace with a 2mm acrylic glazing to ensure no damage during transit. The finished frame is complete with cord hangers with double D-rings, cork bumpers on the rear and ready to hang on the wall.

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